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  • Beach Serving Game Beach Serving Game 18938 plays Life on the beach is awesome. There is the place where you can get fun and forget about school, work or problems. Here is the place where you relax and do what you like to do. Last week you came on the beach and opened a new fast food stand in order to raise some money. Do this and take the orders from your customers.
  • Yummy Burger Yummy Burger 11773 plays Juicy all beef hamburgers, hot off the grill! Cooked, topped and served just the way you like em. Pick from a yummy assortment of vegetables and condiments as well as custom sesame, kaiser, or rye buns then dig in to fun times and great food.
  • Burger Restaurant 2 Burger Restaurant 2 11193 plays Return to Burger Restaurant! Go global, this time with 3 new restaurants, new clients, and new meals!
  • Burger Restaurant Burger Restaurant 10995 plays Like all restaurant sims, time is a factor in Burger Restaurant. Your customers have a limited amount of patience, and taking too long to prepare orders means bad business.

    Get ready to serve milkshakes, hamburgers, French fries and get your restaurant to the top!
  • Delicious Burger Delicious Burger 10453 plays Making Delicious Burger: Arrange the burger in the right order as it shown to win the game. Try to make a copy of burger as quick and correct as you can.
  • Fun and Burger Fun and Burger 8747 plays Look out! You've got to make hamburgers. Take a look at the ingredients and put them together one at a time to make each hamburger delicious. When you're done click on the box.
  • Big Bob's Burger Joint Big Bob's Burger Joint 8507 plays Make delicious burgers to earn lots of money.
  • Burger Eater Burger Eater 8501 plays Nice platform game about a man, who has to eat burgers to pass levels. And he will eventually become very fat.
  • Big Burger Server Big Burger Server 7364 plays Use your cool food machine to dish up burger after yummy burger!
  • Burger Master Burger Master 7253 plays Congratulations! A famous restaurant discovered your cooking talent and they offer you a new job.You must find a brand-new recipe to increase the number of costumers.After each successful work, you'll be hired by other restaurants.
  • Hot Burger Hot Hot Burger Hot 7074 plays Make burger to the customers as quickly as possible to earn the biggest money. The ingredients starting with burger base will be highlighted. Click on them in that order, and then click on the box. Click on the box again and give it to the customers. The ingredients will vary for the next burger. The number of burgers and the ingredients will increase in the subsequent levels, and limit will also in
  • Must Escape the Burger Joint Must Escape the Burger Joint 7045 plays You were supposed to close the burger joint but it seems like someone has locked you up in there. Now it\’s time to escape the burger joint! Follow the clues that will help you find the black key!
  • Spongebob Squarepants - Burger Bonanza Spongebob Squarepants - Burger Bonanza 7014 plays collect all the different ingredients to make a hamburger.
  • Burger Girly Burger Girly 6770 plays Burger Girly is a pretty waitress! Make delicious burgers!
  • Burger World Burger World 6596 plays It's called Fast Food for a reason - time is everything. Follow the orders at the top of the game to complete your burger.
  • The Great Burger Builder The Great Burger Builder 6348 plays Build burgers in the exact order as shown on the cook's chart.
  • Sloppy Joes Burger Sloppy Joes Burger 5805 plays Granny is a great chef and she is here to teach you one of her great recipes "Sloppy Joes Burger". She will provide you with all the information required about ingredients and its quantity. Follow the hints shown on the screen to cook an incredibly tasty "Sloppy Joes Burger". So girls are you ready to cook some tasty "Sloppy Joes Burger" and have fun while doing it.
  • Burger Builder Burger Builder 5728 plays Regardless of what restaurant is your favorite, if your mommy or grandma make the best burgers in the world, there is nothing like building your own burger, so what are you waiting for.
  • Jump Jesus Jump! Jump Jesus Jump! 5700 plays Help him jump and get back to the sky!
  • Crusade of Cuisine Crusade of Cuisine 5633 plays You can pick between 2 type of ship : The frige and the Fish.
    The Fridge is generally tougher and recovery HP. It can summon chicken, pigs and flaming cow. The Fish is faster and recovery SP over time. It can summons the Pink Fish, Dolphin and swordfish.
  • Total Exhaustion Total Exhaustion 5201 plays After serving customers all the time, Mr. Baker is totally exhausted, and is not able to stand up at the shop to serve food items to the customers. Help him out to serve the food items. Identify the ingredients arrangement in the customer requested food, and press the ingredient button in same order. Attain the target at each level within the given time duration to play advanced levels. If your food preparation is wrong, score will get reduced.
  • Unfabulous Burger Bustle Unfabulous Burger Bustle 5036 plays Addie is in a tough Jam! Not only did Mary Ferry find a way to take Jake away from her for the school dance, but now she has to work at the Yum Burger in order to collect enough money to outbid her! Your goal is to greet and seat the client, take the order, serve it and clean the table.
  • Patrick's Burger Shoot Patrick's Burger Shoot 4852 plays Shoot the burger as high as you can to earn more points. Try to keep it suspended in the air or you lose the game. Make the burger touch the stars to get bonus points. If the burger falls into the barrel, you get another chance to play.
  • Fat Fred Fat Fred 4786 plays Grab the hamburger in 17 levels. Levels are rather simple. More directed towards kids.
  • Quick Burger Quick Burger 4569 plays Serve up burgers to people and earn money.
  • Pointless Platformer Pointless Platformer 4311 plays The only platform game with graffiti all over it
  • Burgers and Bomb Burgers and Bomb 4172 plays Help Taz catch all the yummy food. Don't let any fall to the ground or your dropped food meter fills up and the game is over.
  • Burger Man: Super Size Me Burger Man: Super Size Me 3990 plays Like Pacman but its Burger man. Collect burgers, shakes and fries for points.

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